The DVD Kiosk is essentially a video store in a vending machine form factor. There is no membership required to use the machine and a customer can keep the movie as long as they wish. Upon returning the movie, the customer is charged the daily rental fee for each day the movie had been out. After 15 days, the movie is considered purchased and the customer’s credit card will be charged accordingly. The kiosk is stocked with the latest new releases and other site specific titles based on community demand and seasonality.

DVD2NITE is the company which owns and operates the DVD kiosk. DVD2NITE is not affiliated in any way with Redbox.

Who does the customer call for service?


How do customers use the DVD Kiosk?

It’s simple!
o Select the video by using the touch screen.
o Select Rent or Buy
o Swipe your debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card – NO CASH or COINS allowed!
o The machine will dispense the movie upon credit card approval.
o The customer has a 10 minute window in which to return the movie with no charge.
o Customers may rent up to three movies at a time per credit card.

How do customers get promotional codes?

Customers will get promo codes from customer support as needed to compensate for rental issue in addition to getting promo codes on register receipts when we collaborate with our host locations on occassion.

What if the DVD Kiosk will not accept a movie for return?

1. DVD is not being inserted with the “Insert Label” facing up and towards the kiosk or the “Insert Label” is missing. If the label is missing, the customer can leave the movie with a store associate and call customer support.

2. Each DVD has an electronic tag on the disk. If this electronic tag has been removed or damaged the kiosk will not be able to identify the movie. The customer has three options:
a. Try to return the movie again by inserting it into the slot
b. Customer can swipe the credit card used when the movie was checked out
c. Call customer support.

3. Movies must be returned in the original plastic DVD case, the machine will not take disks only! If a customer has lost the case, have them call customer support to make us aware of the issue and leave the movie with a store associate.

What is the movie return cutoff time for a single night rental?

Movies must be returned by 8:00 PM the following day otherwise an additional days charge will be incurred.

How does the customer get a receipt for their rental?

The kiosk does not print receipts. The customer can visit our website at www.dvd2nite.com and request an electronic receipt. Additionally, the kiosk asks for an email address upon return in order to email a receipt.

Can customers return a movie to another DVD2NITE machine?

Movies rented at any Nugget or Food 4 Less location can be returned to another Nugget or Food 4 Less location kiosk

For scratched or damaged media, leave the media at the customer service counter where you rented it from.

Please add a note with the following information:
1. Your name
2. The name on the credit card with which the media was rented (if different than your name)
3. Your contact information (either phone # or email)

We visit the stores on a weekly basis and will pick up the damaged media and close the rental out with NO CHARGE.